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CBSE Regional Level Science and Mathematics Exhibition 2016-17 was organized at Loyala Convent School, Booty, Ranchi from 15.12.2016 to 17.12.2017 in which the students of DAV Public School, Hazaribag   Sagar Jain and Akshat Jain of Class XI presented the model on the theme Food and Agriculture and sub theme Boon for Pesticides in which they secured  the 1st Position in their theme group and further qualified for National Level Exhibition. This achievement has become note worthy in the sense that 64 participants took part in this exhibition across the state out of which only 15 were selected and DAV Hazaribag stood first in its category. The audience and the judges had high appreciation about the model of DAV Hazaribag because this model highlights how herbal pesticides can be brought into use. Where on the one hand it does not cause any harm to the plants and crops, on the other hand it does not affect the fertility of the soil. This is going to be a revolutionary finding in the field of agriculture. The participants worked hard on this model under the guidance of Mr. Ajit Kumar Sharma and Mr. Tohid Akhtar.

The Principal Shri Ashok Kumar congratulated the participants and the staff members on this great achievement and he said that his children would earn the laurel from the National Level exhibition also. The date and venue of the national level exhibition would be notified later on by CBSE.