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Visit of the famous archeological spot at Bahoranpur Sitagarha Hazaribag
Event Start Date : 20/03/2021 Event End Date 20/03/2021

The students of std.XII, Humanities of DAV Public School,Hazaribag visited the famous  archeological spot  at Bahoranpur Sitagarha Hazaribag under educational  tour . On this occasion, Dr.Prabhakar Kumar the teacher of History of the school told the students about the excavated statues and walls that they may belong to Pal  period .So far the statues of Budha are concerned,  the place may be considered as a spot for meditation for the monks of Bajrayani .According to Dheeraj Kumar Gupta the teacher for Geography of the school the murals and width of walls hint that it may be of Pal age.Mrs. Sampa Srivastava  and Mrs Kiran Mishra from Dept of English of the school were also there along with Aruna Dibyadarshini the sports teacher. The students enjoyed this trip and acquired knowledge there.The Principal of the school Shri Ashok  Kumar said that the way extensive excavation work is going on,  there is every possibility of development of this place as an International Spot for tourists.

This is a very interactive  video with students and teachers I am sending this to Higher authorities including Dr.Lahiri and Jayant Sinhaji, M.P.We express our sincere thanks to all escort teachers n students of XII Humanities who visited the site yesterday. We pay our special thanks to M.P,Hazaribag, shri Jayant sinhaji and Shri Manish Jaiswalji ,MLA for taking initiative at state n centre  level for protecting the Budha site.We pay our sincere thanks to D.C sir n S.P sir for their Guidance n cooperation with all stakeholders for protecting the site. Late Dr.Adinath Lahiri ,Great Scientist of India n founder Director, CFRI ,Padam Shri n Padam bhushan Awardee's son Dr.Abhijeet lahiri ,chairman ,cardiac Research, U.K for their help n coordination with Archilogist and Govt of India  to make one of the biggest museum of Eastern India.

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