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Poster Making Competition on the topic Clean Energy – Green Energy (Ethical Agriculture)
Event Start Date : 11/11/2017 Event End Date 11/11/2017

The students of std. XII participated in the Poster Making Competition on the topic “Clean Energy – Green Energy (Ethical Agriculture)” and conveyed their thoughts and creativity through the posters. Ashwini Kumar the co-ordinator of the program said to the students that the use of pesticides to get the maximum products is not only harmful for human begins but also for our nature. Our mother earth has four principal, biological systems namely forest, fisheries, cropland and grassland. These four systems must be respected and need to be strengthened by us. The teachers teaching science Rajendra Kumar, Zeenat Praween , Tohid Akthar and Braj Kishore Prasad also focused  on eco-friendly measures and said that in order to get clean energy we must keep our earth also clean. In order to full fill the increasing demands of increasing population, the manufactures have been taking the help of unethical ways which has its bad effect on our mother earth. The way of living has also been changed which increase the possibility of diseases. Therefore, it is a must to think over this issue and act upon it before it is too late.